Historic Eras
  • Age of the Pride Lords
  • Age of Elysium
  • Age of the Three Houses
  • First Mega-War
  • The Kassic Age
  • The Alysian Age
  • Ureshi Destabilization
  • Age of the Pride Lords

    115 – 55 BE (Before Elysium)



    115 B.E.: The ancient Mau, a pre-industrial society, first discover the Mega Cores.  Through experimentation and application of these awesome power sources, technological development on Bawk advances at an unbelievable pace.


    105 B.E.: With the seemingly unlimited potential of new Mega Core technology, rich deposits of Mega Cores are mined and viciously fought over.  The owners of these lucrative mines become the new, power-hungry rulers of Bawk known as the Pride Lords.


    103 B.E.: The Pride Lords first begin to institute slavery throughout their territories, in order to supply workers and protection for the Mega-Core mines.  In the constant arms race with other Pride Lords, efficiency is ruthlessly demanded of these slaves above all else, and conditions deteriorate rapidly over the decades.


    67 B.E.: Rah, son of one of the wealthiest Pride Lords, succeeds his father.  He begins over several years to institute policies to aid and improve the lives of the slaves in his domain, against the council of his advisors who fear his benevolence will put the kingdom at risk.


    63 B.E.: News of Rah’s generosity spreads throughout the other regions of Bawk.  The other Pride Lords scoff and prepare to invade Rah’s territorites, which are seen as weak.  Word also begins to spread, however, beyond the nobility, and with news of the possibility of change reaching their ears, the enslaved populations grow ever more rebellious.


    58 B.E.: In a carefully calculated master stroke, Rah unexpectedly abolishes slavery throughout his entire kingdom and announces his crusade to free all Mau on Bawk.  The other Pride Lords are furious at this open declaration of war and organize against Rah.  However, the announcement has started a worldwide revolt among the still enslaved Mau, and the Pride Lords need all the loyal armed forces they have left just to try and subdue their populations.


    57 B.E.: Battle of Avalon’s Fall – Avalon, the right hand of Rah, sparks the final revolt of the enslaved people of Bawk with her death. After having single-handedly liberating hundreds of slaves, she falls before an enemy general.  The former slaves, seeing her fall in battle, are filled with a bloodlust that carries Rah’s forces to victory.  With his own army bolstered in numbers by fervent volunteers and his rivals unable to keep the peace within their own domains, Rah conquers the entirety of Bawk in less than a year.


    Continued in the Age of Elysium