Historical Battles

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  • Battle of Avalon’s Fall: 57 B.E.


    Marked by historians as the turning point in Mau history that ended legal slavery on Bawk, the Battle of Avalon’s Fall was so named for the death of a popular advisor to Rah himself.  An advocate for the end of slavery and for the equality of all Mau, Avalon was much beloved by the common people among Rah’s followers, and when she fell in battle, the armies around her were driven by rage and grief to new heights of combat ability.  Legend has it that Avalon died defending her unit from an advancing force that outnumbered them twenty to one, and the symbol of her sacrifice was held up by Rah’s forces for years, igniting a turning point in the ongoing war for dominance over Bawk.  Within a year of Avalon’s Fall, Rah controlled the entire planet and had begun work to end slavery and establish peace.



    Battle of Blackpaw’s Rest: 180 A.E.


    The First Mega-War began long before the arrival of the Kytin, as the newly-founded Houses began to turn on each other following a period of relative peace as the Mau recovered from Elysium’s fall.  Historians find Blackpaw’s Rest notable as the first use of Ureshi sabotage techniques, which allowed pilots to reroute an enemy’s shielding energy directly into their life-support systems, overloading them.  This battle earned House Uresh the wrath of the other Houses, but the brutal technique continues to be used to this day.



    Battle of Unikai Pit: 366 A.E.


    The Battle of Unikai Pit was the first and only battle in the First Mega-War fought exclusively in the air. The invading Kytin, who found more resistance on Bawk than any planet they had conquered before, released a nuclear weapon on an unremarkable settlement 500 miles from the capital city, obliterating everything in the region and causing damage to several others. Historians theorize that the Kytin did not want to obliterate the planet with this tactic, but frighten the Mau into surrendering. The Mau, however, responded to the show of force with unprecedented fury, and rallied a force of Omegamech pilots which fought back the Kytin army for long enough to let the few survivors of the disaster escape.  The Kytin did not pursue their retreat.



    Battle of the Gates: 366 A.E.


    Recorded as the first Mau victory against the sudden invasion of the extraterrestrial Kytin forces that ended the First Mega-War, the Battle of the Gates has largely been lost to history, except for a few cryptic references to genetic experimentation and Mau-born “super soldiers.”  Legend has it that the Mau army was outnumbered by the mysterious Kytin over 50 to 1, but somehow managed to triumph in the war’s first real turning point.  These reports have not been substantiated by any modern scholars, but the Battle of the Gates is still celebrated as a symbol of Mau determination.



    Battle of Tehared: 367 A.E.


    A costly victory during the later stages of The First Mega-War, both the Mau and the Kytin suffered heavy casualties.  Ancient records show hints of a growing tension among the Mau armies, and historians have noted fragments of arguments over where credit for the victory should lie.  The Battle of Tehared is mourned by silent vigil by the whole of Mau society and is considered sacred day of peace to remember the catastrophic loss at Kytin hands.