Slang on Bawk

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  • Bramble Claw Nicknames

    by the Mau:
    Thorns, Thornies, Brambles, Briar Patch or Rose Bush (For a large group)



    Sparky, Shockers, Mewling Raiders, Flash-Kits, Storm Troopers, Bowling Pins, Paper Tigers, Yippers, Strays



    Purowlers, Shades, Cut-Paws, Ghosts, Slash-Kits, Pansies, Stalkers, Leg-Humpers



    Snow Knights, White Caps, Snow Blowers, Ice-Kits, Squishies, Lectros, Empers



    Belt Feeders, Gun-Kits, Cragers, Rockies



    Kraze-Kats, Flame-Kits, Blazers, Dragons, 4-Eyes, Boom Boom, Tiggers



    Bawk-Shaker, Thunder-Kits, Name-Takers, Kings in Khaki, Kings of Steel Jungle, Uh Oh


    General Slang Terms:


    Pouncers– Back Mounted Thruster for jumping or dashing.
    “Fire up your Pouncers, boys. It’s gonna get a bit turbulent!”


    Litter Box – A Minefield.
    “Sir! They’ve set up a Litter Box behind us! One wrong move and we’re toast, orders?”


    Cat Scratch Fever – A form of pre-battle excitement, raring to jump into combat, a kind of bloodlust.
    “Check out Thomson. That’s a case of Cat Scratch Fever if ever I’ve seen one. You can practically taste his rage.”


    Schrödingered – 50 / 50 chance of the operation being a failure.
    “What are our chances, Lieutenant?” “With all due respect, sir; we’re pretty Schrödingered.”


    Hairball / Hairballed – A general screw-up, or foolhardy plan; can also pertain to being in an unavoidable and terrible situation.
    “We’re out manned, out gunned, and there isn’t going to be any backup for this one. Yes, we’re hairballed out here, but we’re not gonna go down without a fight!”