Mau Economy

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  • Salvage –

    The primary unit of currency on Bawk is “salvage.” Salvage can take many different forms, but essentially, any given piece of equipment, mech, or hunk of rotting metal can be broken down into an effective unit value depending on its base components or usefulness.


    The Mau live in Mega-Cities completely surrounded by the centuries-dead wreckage of the once-great Giga-City of Elysium.  At the fringes of the Elysium Wastes, valuable salvage is ripe for the taking, and scavengers can often be seen making their living at hauling scrap back inside the city walls.


    For a people completely immersed in ruin, everything comes down to salvage in the end.


    Mega Cores –

    By itself, the MCore is a broken shard left over from the remains of ancient Elysium’s power core.  But in the Mau economy, Mega Cores (MCores) are the rarest of the rare, the highest quality prize any salvage-savvy merc can ever hope to get their claws on. Mega Cores truly are the core of Mau technology, and nearly every piece of tech currently in use by the Three Houses is powered by these valuable crystals.


    When the ancient Giga-City of Elysium thrived, the MCore was the heartbeat of the civilization, supplying energy to every corner of Mau society. Every piece of tech pulsed with its energy. When Elysium was destroyed in a catastrophic core meltdown almost two millennia ago, fragments of the Mega Cores that fueled everything were scattered throughout the ruins of the city.


    Mega Cores are the only commodity on all of Bawk that are too valuable to have a Salvage price. Mega Cores are their own separate unit of currency, and today are used to purchase only the finest and most coveted of goods and services.  Most of the MCore trade on Bawk is controlled by House Uresh, and is the source of Uresh’s power and wealth in the three Mega Cities.