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    Smiley Co. – 


    “Happy soldiers are effective soldiers.”


    The Smiley Company, known far and wide simply as Smiley Co., has made a name for itself as manufacturer of the most over-the-top weapons and armor available on the market. Featuring combat systems such as the Ember Cluster, the Happy Static Blaster, and the ever popular Multi Missile Mayhem Machine, Smiley Co. is a brand that deftly delivers destruction on demand.


    RailKat Manufacturing –


    “If you need the job done right, do it with RailKat.”


    RailKat equipment is synonymous with quality, and famous for its resilience, able to survive the harshest of conditions at peak reliability.  RailKat is also a powerful force for technological development, and their engineers are constantly in the process of honing every new feature to perfection.  RailKat designs will do what you need them to, every time.


    Rave Industries –


    “Why trudge through combat, when you can strut?”


    Rave Industries designs are tailored for maximum shock value and pilot pride, and are heavily favored by heavy tank troops that need to inspire awe and provide distraction on the battlefield.  With plenty of weapons that produce outrageous, flashy effects, Rave is also at the forefront of custom technology, focused on creating a hand-tailored experience for every customer.  Their products may not be quite as reliable as RailKat equipment, but they’ll always get the blood pumping.


    Undercat Munitions – 


    “The right gun, at the right time, for the right price.”


    Undercat has seized the low-income market by the horns, and is capable of mass-producing low-end weapons at an astonishing rate.  Although their equipment probably won’t measure up to the other companies, you can’t beat Undercat prices, which make army-grade weapons available to even the most humble of undercity denizens.


    ManuFatCat Armaments –


    “If you want the most cutting-edge equipment that salvage can buy, there can be no substitute for ManuFatCat.”


    For those that have the extra salvage, ManuFatCat will spare no expense. Possessing the highest budget of any manufacturing company on Bawk, ManuFatCat Armaments is extravagant in their designs, to say the least.  Often possessing highly tailored custom features and cutting-edge technology, ManuFatCat equipment is the acknowledged king of the battlefield.  The company’s clientele consists mostly of decorated generals and extremely high profile ace pilots.


    Kitteneer Engineering –


    “Make your next battle child’s play.”


    The result of prodigal engineer kittens running amok in a weapons production facility, Kitteneer Engineering provides surprisingly effective arms and armor.  With far fewer restrictions and more freedom to experiment, the Kitteneers are the premiere R&D team in the industry.  No one understands their mad genius, but you can’t argue with results.


    Mega Mewnitions


    Bigger is ALWAYS better.”


    Want a rocket launcher that can turn an enemy mech into a scrap heap in one blast?  How about a city block instead?  At this company, the word ‘overkill’ is treated like a badge of honor.  Who cares about reload speed and overheating when the enemies are already vaporized by the first shot?  Just make sure your mech is up to the task of carrying these massive armaments.