House Uresh

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  • The beginnings of House Uresh can be traced to a single Mau whose own origins are still wrapped in mystery. His name was Ural, and even before the fall of Elysium his name was whispered with a dread reserved for only the most cunning of predators.

    Ural’s position within the ruling body of old Elysium is still a matter of much debate, but it is largely believed that he held no official seat on the council. Instead, this shadowy lurker was closely tied to many of the council members, able to shift their views in his favor with a few whispered words.


    It’s no secret that in the final days before the Fall, the ruling body of Elysium suffered from rampant corruption. Many of the council members had grown addicted to a wide variety of vices, and according to legend, it was Ural who invariably found a means to provide access to those vices. He became known in the higher echelons of society as the man who could get anything–for the right price.


    The Fall of Elysium wasn’t something that caught Ural by surprise. In fact, he’d been planning for it for quite some time. While he provided his special services for the quickly deteriorating Elysium council, he had been all the while funneling money and personnel into special side-projects to ensure his survival in the post-apocalyptic wastes to come.


    After the Fall, Ural made himself scarce for a few years, staying in hiding while the worst of the apocalypse’s chaos decimated the survivors of Elysium. It wasn’t until news of Mendel’s discovery reached his network of listeners that Ural began to put the second phase of his plan into action.


    Ural had always suspected that the once-coveted power source that propelled the Mau into greatness would become important once again.  For years after the Fall, all while hiding in the shadows, Ural instructed his followers to collect as many Mega Core fragments they could, knowing that sooner or later, someone would find a way to harvest their power once more. When Mendel’s discovery went public, Ural already had a vast cache of Mega Core fragments squirreled away in safe places.


    Ural waited until 19 A.E. before the perfect opportunity arose.  Mendel and another new power, Kasha, had what appeared to be the perfect alliance of military might, and scientific genius, but Ural wasn’t about to let the two of them dictate the course of Mau history.


    The budding reconstruction had run into a roadblock–a severe lack of Mega Core fragments–just as Ural planned it. When he introduced himself, and offered a steady supply of the much-needed power source, he secured his role as a major power in the world to come.


    The Mega-City of Uresh would bloom on the northeastern edge of Fallen Elysium, and from there Ural would continue to scheme and plot, setting the tone for the Ureshi people for centuries to come.  From the beginning, the Ureshi knew that whoever controlled the Mega Cores would control all of Bawk.


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