House Kass

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  • House Kass’ origins date back to 15 A.E. with the rise of the first Matriarch, Kasha. As the only daughter of the former head of the council of Fallen Elysium, Kasha grew up around important political leaders, and had a powerful grasp of strategy, which helped her people survive the savage post-apocalypse Elysium Wastes as the Mau began the struggle to rebuild.


    She was groomed from a young age to take her father’s place on the council one day, and although that day never came, according to Kassic legend, she was determined to live up to his legacy no matter what challenges faced her.


    After the Fall, the Mau faced total bedlam. Only the strong would survive this dark period of Mau history, and Kasha intended to make sure she would be among them. Though technically orphaned, Kasha wasted little time in banding together a make-shift family from what little remained of her father’s acquaintances and servants. Kasha had always been a self-sufficient child, and after the Fall she seized on these skills to rebuild her House.


    Within only a few years, the small following Kasha had been building was swelling in numbers, and with dedicated training and her followers’ unquestioning loyalty, Kasha soon had a powerful fighting force under her command.


    By 16 A.E. Kasha’s little band could be considered the core of what would one day become House Kass. It was that same year that the news of a certain researcher’s breakthroughs reached Kasha’s ever-listening ears.


    His name was Mendel, and supposedly he’d figured out the secret of the Mega Cores. This was just the moment Kasha had been waiting for. She had a small army at her back, and any new technology always needed protection.


    The meeting between Kasha and Mendel went better than expected. Mendel was a sharp mind. He’d even gone so far as to predict the rise of a military faction. A bargain was quickly struck: Kasha and her followers would provide protection, while Mendel and his people continued to further the advancement of this new technology.


    Eventually Kasha and her group established their own base of operations on the northwestern edge of Fallen Elysium. That site would grow by leaps and bounds over the centuries into one of the three great Mega-Cities, the city of Kass.


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