House Alys

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  • Founded by an engineer named Mendel, House Alys was the first of the three major Houses to rise after the Fall of Elysium. House Alys boasts that Mendel’s genius was what saved all of Mau society after the Fall, and that all living Mau owe their society to his work. Were it not for his techniques for properly harnessing energy from Mega Core fragments, the Mau might very well still be living in the dark ages after the apocalypse.


    Mendel was a humble man, according to the cherished history of House Alys. Uninterested, so they say, in wealth, power, or prestige, his mind was only interested in saving his people from extinction.


    It is still unknown what station he held before the Fall, but most chroniclers believe he was a low-ranking engineer working in one of the countless unstable Mega Core power stations of Old Elysium. They theorize it was then, years before the Fall itself, that he began to see the catastrophe to come.


    It’s a well-known fact that the council of Old Elysium was corrupt, and did everything they could to cover up the unstable nature of the Mega Cores. Knowing that, it’s likely that any information Mendel tried to provide would have been quickly removed from the public eye. In fact, in some circles it is believed that Mendel may have been the target of a public discrediting campaign by the old council of Elysium.


    Being unable to prevent the end of his civilization, Mendel began planning for how he might resurrect it from its rapidly approaching death.


    Decades later, living in complete obscurity amid the wasteland of Old Elysium, Mendel finally made his breakthrough. News of his unique method of harnessing Mega Cores, without the instability that had doomed Elysium, quickly spread across the wastes and it wasn’t long before Kasha, the first Matriarch of what would later become House Kass, approached Mendel with a deal. It was that deal that sparked both the official beginnings of House Alys, and also the return of the advancement of technology to the Mau people.


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