Elysium Wastes

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  • Timeline of Bawk
  • Elysium was the greatest Mau achievement, and its greatest loss. Founded centuries ago by the last Pride Lord, Rah, the “Giga-City” of Elysium was a marvel of engineering and architecture. Despite the city’s glory and pride, however, it was not to last. A fundamental misunderstanding of Mega Core technology doomed the city, and nearly all of its inhabitants.


    Now the vast majority of the one-time jewel of Bawk lies in a ruin of twisted metal and scorched earth. Most of Bawk’s inhabitants live in one of the three Mega-Cities that arose around the time of the formation of the three Great Houses, but there are still those rare individuals that continue to survive amid the ruin and rubble of Fallen Elysium.


    These stalwart survivalists are known as the Lysians, named roughly after Elysium itself.  Scorning the safety of walls, these resilient Mau often live alone among the ruins, carving out their own territories and defending them against all comers.  No living creature on the surface of Bawk can claim a better knowledge of the ruins than the Lysians, and many of them have managed to salvage a surprising amount of tech.


    The Lysians don’t like company, so it’s nearly unheard of for any Mau citizen to venture out into the Wastes. What few brave souls who have attempted such a journey rarely return.


    Traversing across the wastes –


    The proper method of traversing the Elysium Wastes is exclusively through a shuttle transport network supported by each of the three Great Houses. This elaborate system sends countless shuttles between the three Mega-Cities dozens of times each day, and each shuttle pilot is under strict instructions to never land in the Wastes.  Even so, stories are told of the occasional shuttle that leaves its home port and never arrives at its destination, and no expedition has ever succeeded in recovering the wreckage.


    The safest way to cross these dangerous regions is to never enter them to begin with.