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  • Research log of Dr. L. Hessman, Senior Researcher of House Alys


    Entry #08 – Infestation


    [Begin Recording…]


    Nyanuary 10th, 1749. Despite my repeated requests for live Bramble Claw test subjects, the Ureshi imbeciles currently responsible for our weak excuse for a military continue to disappoint. I’ve taken great care to extract as much information as possible from what few corpses I’ve been provided, but until a proper specimen can be examined I’ll be working primarily in conjecture.


    The purpose of today’s log entry is to discuss the “tentacle phenomena,” hereafter referred to as Infestation. The Bramble Claw have adapted an invasive sort of technology that allows their structures to siphon power from any nearby structures through the rapid growth of tentacle-like appendages.


    This process is particularly insidious because it requires us to destroy our own power nodes, and even corrupted civilian buildings in order to deactivate any particular Bramble Claw infestation.


    [Recording continues…]


    Perhaps more fascinating than the Infestation application of these tentacles is the existence of much smaller tentacle-like components found on the bodies of the dead Bramble Claw I’ve examined. We now know the Bramble Claw suffer from a genetic defect that causes rapid cell degeneration and death at around age 35.  I believe these smaller tentacles are a kind of pseudo-nanotech fluid distribution system that attempts to fight off the cell degeneration for as long as possible.


    As expected, I cannot produce a thorough report without a live specimen to dissect, but this conjecture is a step toward understanding both Bramble Claw physiology, as well as their conquest methods.


    [End recording]