• Rainer


Mortey Benjiman – Callsign: Rainer


Rainer’s family of privilege came from the mega city-state of Jarsu. Being the son of a dignitary had its privileges, and as a young man he was well-educated and a successful athlete.  His easy life was shattered, however, when the Ureshi “police action” infamously burned the city-state to the ground.


The family was led in magno-chains to the Ureshi capital city, where Rainer’s athletic prowess made him a first round pick for military conscription. His superiors frequently remind him of his family, held hostage for his cooperation and peak performance. The only way he can lash out is through a strong reckless streak, and Rainer is often flippant, grinning in the face of reprimand.


Occasionally, Rainer can smuggle a note to his parents and brothers, but it’s been years since he’s even laid eyes on them, and he knows he’s only allowed this much contact so that his superiors can keep their leverage over him.


Meeting fellow conscript Aspen gave him a sympathetic ear at last, and he thinks of her as the little sister he always wished he’d had.