• Mace


Mace is one of the most powerful warriors that Clan Drax has yet produced, and one of the few Bramble Claw with the fortitude to undergo such heavy cybernetic augmentations.  Before President Lona’s surprising triumph, he was once the accepted favorite to win the Bramble Claw Presidency.


Raised and trained in the harsh environments of the planet Verras, Mace learned the arts of war at the side of Chancellor Imbrava, captive leader of the subjugated planet’s population.  Swiftly moving up the ranks of command in the merciless Bramble Claw bureaucracy, Mace was eventually chosen by the leaders of the Bramble Claw to lead the invasion of Bawk.


Grafted muscle and skeletal structure makes Mace absolutely gigantic in stature, unnaturally so. His personal pilot armor allows him to efficiently defeat opponents in-or-out of his Super Lionoc Omegamech in ranged or melee combat.  He also possesses cranial augmentations that subtly alter his thought processes–keeping him absolutely under the control of his one-time rival, President Lona.


A formidable foe, Mace is to be avoided at all costs by any Mau forces that encounter him.