• Lona


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  • President Lona has done well for herself by Bramble Claw standards.  A cold and cunning leader, she’s led her people to success after brutal success, all while maintaining a flawless façade of calculated calm.


    Secretly, she fears death more than anything else.  Lona is nearly 40 years old, the cap for Bramble Claw life.  Unwilling to show even the slightest hint of weakness, Lona disguises her age behind cosmetic surgery, but there are already grey patches in her fur, and the inevitable necrosis is beginning to show through.


    Her finger claws are kept long, and she knows how to use them.  She seems to have talons rather than fingers, but they are delicate and highly dexterous. Even the edges of her royal cloak are barbed to cause damage.  Her true power, however, comes from a network of informants, agents, and assassins that keep her rivals–like former political rival Mace–harshly in line.


    President Lona has malice and jealousy written across every line of her face, and she’s feared among the Bramble Claw for her ruthlessness, as well as a violent determination to fight death, tooth and claw.