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  • Jax originates from a well-to-do Alys political family of very high standing. Jax, however, has traded in the trappings of his station for a cluttered garage and a constant barrage of sarcasm and invention possibilities.


    At the beginning of The Great War, Jax’s ancestors were among the few private families who helped the government fund the Bramble Claw project, and have been a strong force for innovation in Mau society ever since.  He was pushed into an education at the military academy at a very young age, and though he did not enjoy the work, he found a natural skill in it.  Straight after graduation, he was assigned to the support team of a Special Forces unit where he served under General Emitt. Two years later, he was reassigned from his position due to insubordinate behavior.


    Disgusted with the military, the attitude of his family, and the battling between the Mau and the Bramble Claw, he didn’t protest, and accepted a lowly mechanic’s position in a remote area.  Over the years, Jax has built up an unhealthy resentment for just about everyone, especially those in positions of power.