• Emitt


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  • From the outside, General Emitt has a perfectly typical career for a Mau general. He was born into a military family, attended an elite military academy as soon as he was able, graduated with high marks, and quickly entered the army to begin his service. However, Emitt did not ascend to his position in the military on his own abilities alone. His father, a respected general of House Kass, had a powerful voice in the Mau government.


    Emitt’s father urged him to continue to carry their family’s legacy after his retirement, and a young Emitt took this directive immediately to heart. Family influence got him into the position faster than most, and he spent most of his early career trying to prove that he deserved it, in spite of his youth.


    Constantly feeling the need to push himself, Emitt has a long history of charging past all reasonable limits and leading from the front lines to earn the trust of his men.  As a result, he carries the scars of a number of battles, each one a symbol of a life saved or a mission completed.


    Although he seems to be perpetually living in his father’s shadow, there is no question publicly or privately that General Emitt is good at what he does. He’s a brilliant strategist, commander, and soldier–but no amount of proof seems to be enough for the only person that matters: himself.