• Aspen


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    Originally born in the politically unstable city-state of Corth, Aspen is an orphan, and has spent much of her life trying to buy her citizenship and escape the undercity.  Those dreams were shattered at the outbreak of the Bramble Claw invasion, when she  was conscripted into the Ureshi army, along with her best friend and favorite sparring partner, Mortey (callsign: Rainer).


    Combat has always been in her blood and she excels at Mecha piloting, which helped her survive and even thrive in the brutal Ureshi training camps.  Her regular research of holo-records on Mau historical conflicts has also helped her develop a unique tactical perspective.


    Unlike her fellow pilot brothers and sisters who tease her about her interest in history, Rainer seems to understand, and an old war hero, General Emitt, has taken an interest in her career thanks to her stellar performance in training.