Overlord Vir

For centuries, the Bramble Claw had been fighting only to survive each day. Without the resources or tools for genetic experimentation, they had no hope of curing their Necrosis, and no way of knowing if they would ever escape the arcologies they’d been trapped in for centuries, all knowledge of their origins lost to time.


It would be the strength of one warrior that would give the Bramble Claw purpose once more. Unsatisfied with the aimless struggle for survival, this warrior wanted something more for his people. His name was Vir, and he issued a challenge to all of the Bramble Claw for control of their future. Many took up the challenge, but none could defeat him.


At 19 years old, Vir was considered middle aged for a Bramble Claw, but his fighting skills were second to none. He became the first President of the Bramble Claw people, and founded a tradition of combat that would define the Bramble Claw leadership for centuries to come: a system where only the strongest and most cunning among them would prove themselves worthy of leading the race.  Vir’s victory sent a pulse of pride and purpose through the disparate clans that had formed among the Bramble Claw.


Then long range sensors detected a first opportunity to change their destiny.


First contact with the Nar gave them control for the first time in their lives.  No living Bramble Claw could even remember why they’d been stranded in the lonely arcologies, but they knew that it was not their destiny to be adrift forever, and now, they had an opportunity to change the course of their history.


The Bramble Claw surged into the Nari salvage ships by the thousands, swiftly seizing control and compromising the Nar navigation systems.  For the first time in generations, the Bramble Claw could see the universe around them, and what they saw was a galaxy filled with life-bearing planets, one of which might someday prove to be a permanent home for the Clans.  Stability and prosperity were at last within their grasp.


Vir, backed by a legion of Bramble Claw warriors, managed to extract the location of the Nari homeworld from the captured crew. Within three years, the Bramble Claw had descended on that unsuspecting world and brought its people to their knees.


From here, this first world crushed underfoot, a campaign of conquest would terrorize the local section of the galaxy, until after another 200 years, a single distress call was detected from a distant source at the very fringes of what the Bramble Claw intended to claim as their own territory.  Intrigued, the signal was investigated.  It spoke of a world ripe with technological resource and a precious source of power, divided by conflict.  The Bramble Claw armies, now armed with advanced technology and a honed war machine, began to advance on this latest prize.


Soon, they would add the planet Bawk to their growing collection.