Imbrava’s Revenge

The planet Verras, third planet in the Strelz System, is one of the most savage places in the known galaxy. I should know; I’ve lived here all my life.


I’ve seen summers that would scorch the very flesh from your bones, and raging sandstorms that can carve stone to dust in days.  I’ve seen a volcano spew lava continuously for weeks, and acid rain turn a peaceful river into a chasm of death.


Moreover, I’ve wintered firsthand a Bramble Claw invasion that completely overthrew my people in a matter of weeks. We were not an advanced civilization, you see. Strong yes, but we had yet to reach the stars.  Even so, we stood firm against the conquerors for far longer than the Bramble Claw were expecting. To withstand the advanced tech of the Bramble Claw for as long as we did is an accomplishment in and of itself.


I believe it is for that reason that the Bramble Claw did what they did. They didn’t wipe us out. Instead, they did far worse. We have been reduced to little more than a training ground for their young warriors. The savage beasts that roam our jungles make for an excellent gauntlet to weed out their weak and unworthy.


I intend to see to it that all Bramble Claw on Verras are found unworthy.


The Bramble Claw live such short, violent lives, you see. A scant 40 years and they’re dust in the wind.


My people, however, can easily reach 250 years, and despite our simpler technology, we have learned patience.


My name is Chancellor Imbrava, former head of the Council on Verras.  Now, I’m a glorified babysitter for these brutal invaders. I’m sure you can understand the depths of my hatred for them. Despite my burning desire for revenge, there was nothing I could do to directly oppose them. Their technology was far beyond anything we had the ability to combat; and so I waited. I waited, and watched, and learned.


I waited until the perfect opportunity was quite literally dropped on my doorstep: a particularly violent Bramble Claw orphan. His name was Mace, and he would come to be my unwitting pawn, the instrument of my revenge.