Bramble Claw Clans

In the early days of Bramble Claw history, thousands of battle-honed soldiers and their familes found themselves without direction or leadership.  Splinter groups swiftly formed as the inhabitants of the arcologies struggled to survive with limited resource, and without organization, only the strongest of groups would manage to eke out a living.  Over the centuries, these splinter groups began to solidify into distinct clans, each with its own politics and survival tactics.  In modern times, each of these clans nominates a candidate for the Presidency whenever the sitting President begins to weaken, and those chosen warriors fight against one another to prove themselves worthy of leading the Bramble Claw race.


Clan Leshra –


Leshrans favor cunning and stealth in a cutthroat world, and have survived by trusting no one outside the clan.  Their kits are trained to read body language at a young age, and clan leaders are among the Bramble Claw’s most accomplished diplomats, often sent to dictate terms and negotiate with the races that the Bramble Claw has conquered.


Although not usually as physically strong as other Bramble Claw, the Leshrans are not to be taken lightly, and Bramble Claw of Leshran descent can be found in nearly every clan as a complex network of informants that is often responsible for keeping the Clans unified. The current president of Bramble Claw, Lona, hails from Clan Leshra.


Clan Drax –


Members of Clan Drax, legend has it, are direct descendants of Overlord Vir himself.  These Bramble Claw have taken great care to maintain physical superiority over the other Clans, and a majority of Bramble Claw presidents come from their ranks.  Clan Drax focus on warfare as the only true path to survival, and their influence comes from their tight control over the Bramble Claw armies.  Even the most powerful of Presidents must take care not to offend the generals of House Drax, who are always looking for weaknesses to be exploited.


Mace, a key general in the Bramble Claw invasion of Bawk, hails from Clan Drax.


Clan Vesrim –


The members of Clan Vesrim are the most widely altered of the Bramble Claw. For some reason Vesrians suffer a greater degree from the Necrosis that afflicts all Bramble Claw. They often wither away before they can reach 30 years of age.  Vesrians are often shunned for this reason, and to this day Vesrians maintain a heavy resentment toward the other Clans.


Unwilling to simply accept their fate, Clan Vesrim turned to genetic and cybernetic manipulation, willingly undergoing dangerous experiments in the search for a cure–after all, they had nothing to lose, and plenty to gain.  Generally, Vesrians keep their distance from the political struggles of the other Clans, and maintain their influence by bartering advances in technology and genetic study.


Clan Trivia:


[Clan Drax] The enormous cyborg Mace was the most recent nominee for the Presidency from Clan Drax.  He was narrowly outmaneuvered by the Leshran candidate, Lona.


[Clan Vesrim] A side effect of the Vesrians’ increased vulnerability to the Necrosis is an enhanced ability to receive cybernetic implants, and an improved receptiveness to genetic manipulation.  Although they are more vulnerable individually, the Vesrians as a whole show the most signs of adaptation among all of the Bramble Claw.