Things that go ‘boom’




WEAPONS! Everyone likes blowing things into smoking piles of scrap, right? The biggest question is how to do it.


Well, take a look at this!

That’s over thirty new equippable weapons for your Luz! Everything from flamethrowers (they do, indeed, werf flammen) to high-speed machine guns (AKA ‘bullet hoses’) to a wide array of long range weaponry all designed to give you the correct tools for the job. Let’s go down through the different types with their pros and cons.




The mainstay of any conflict, the rifle is designed to offer reasonable power over a medium range at a decent fire rate. Solid and dependable, the rifle will be your go-to for minor and major conflicts when reliability is your main concern.  Rifles come in two types suited for different situations.

  • Single shot rifles tend to have better damage at the cost of fire rate, which makes them great for one-on-one fights as well as small group conflict. Using a single shot rifle against a medium or larger group is not advised without extreme cover, since you could get overwhelmed with the low fire rate.


  • Burst rifles fire an automatic barrage of lower-damage shots at a single target. This lower damage is made up for with the burst fire putting from three to five rounds on target, adding up to a greater per-trigger damage than the single shot rifles. This comes at a cost however, with more heat build-up and the possibility of only one or two shots actually striking the intended target. Since the accuracy is lower, these weapons are best suited for close combat against a few foes where an adept pilot can make short work of their foes with a hail of bullets!




Have you ever just wanted to fill a battlefield with bullets? Then the machine gun is for you. The machine guns are based of the old Terran rotating barrel design, allowing for extremely high sustained fire but sacrificing accuracy in the process. A mech outfitted with a pair of machine guns is a force to be reckoned with at short to lower middle ranges, being able to chew through concrete walls and steel alike. 20 or so meters out, though, you’ll have to start keeping an eye on your accuracy.  Suited well for close quarters and urban scenarios.




You see that Brambleclaw generator over there? Like WAAAAAAY over there? *BOOM* Now you don’t. A sniper rifle is the marksman’s dream, able to deliver crushing damage at extremely long ranges with pinpoint accuracy. The downside is that it has an extremely low fire rate and immense heat buildup, so a sustained firefight is a death sentence for any sniper that finds themselves cornered without a backup weapon.  We also have a shoulder-mounted version, the Railgun, if you really just need to put a bullet anywhere on the map.




A mortar is essentially a long range grenade launcher. Its main purpose is to flush out enemy troops that are entrenched behind cover, or to obliterate that cover completely.  Mortars have a sizeable area of effect, and when they hit dead on, nothing can match their firepower. Great against structures and clusters of enemies.




At the moment, we have three types of weapon attachments that can help get your specialty guns working on a more general level.


  • Blasters are a simple and effective way to give a slower weapon a little more firepower. Blasters are low to mid damage attachments that supplement the main weapon and have their own fire rate. Single shot and fairly precise up to mid-range, they are a must for snipers.


  • I love the smell of napalm in the morning, and so too will you once you equip a Flamer to your main weapons. Shoots a gout of flame hot enough to melt steel and singe the whiskers off anyone foolish enough to get in your way. Perfect crowd control for single-shot rifles.


  • LASERS! PEW PEW PEW! These offer a little bit of range to a close quarters build, hitting mid-range targets quite handily with a little bit of damage. Using a laser to damage a foe and draw them closer for a barrage of minigun rounds is a great tactic to help keep you from ending up a pile of scrap on the field.


We’re bringing more and more weapons online all the time, so keep your eye on the Equipment section!

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