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The flare of imagination needs to be constantly reeled in to keep the scope in check this close to a finish line.  Something we refer to as the buffet of design.  It’s a sensitive place, like Luke Skywalker first using force abilities.  Just say ‘no’ to add scope, no matter how temping the urge.


We’re wrapping up the giant Game Design Document, rooting out old material which met with the winds of change and iteration.  Yesterday was a lot of playtesting, note taking, and today should be more of the same.  The engineers have really outdone themselves with the buff system flexibility and designer capabilities. We wanted to add a Damage Area of Effect to the Instagib missile and with a couple setting changes, that was installed.  It’s our biggest in-game explosion yet!


The game’s underlying systems are coming together. We are able to apply any of the 120 buffs in the game to any actor, weapon, item, powerup, scripted event, and quest activity. The write-up of that takes pages and pages of explanation in the GDD, of course, so the past couple days have seen a lot of cleanup in our documents folders.  It’s pretty easy to lose track of the docs when you’re excited about the game build, but the team is on it and working harder than ever.

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