Good Times at AGC






What a great few weeks!  We’ve finally gotten through all of the incredible feedback we got on Omegatech at the Austin Game Conference in September, and the game has really been kicked up a notch with some fresh tweaks to gameplay systems.  VR environments are getting some TLC as well, as the third-person viewpoint gets an in-depth dive.  Fresh ceilings everywhere!



Did we mention Omegatech will be hitting VR platforms?


AGC was really an amazing experience for the whole team, and we met some awesome folks out there.  Austin has a truly incredible community for indie game devs, and we feel pretty blessed to be surrounded by so much resource and talent.




You can almost smell the potential in the air.  SOON, gaming nerds!  SOON!




Megaworld Studios was right next door to the massive IBM booth.  That was exciting!  Watching their booth go up was like watching an Omegamech get built, scaffolding and all.




They even had a robot!


IBM was showcasing a ton of awesome games produced by local indies, and we’d be lying if we said we never snuck away from our booth to check a few of ’em out.  Best of luck to everybody who got a showing this year!



Our VR setup got some of its heaviest playtesting yet at AGC, and we’re already hard at work upgrading our systems with the latest feedback.  The best part of this con was getting the perspective of experienced game devs, who had the skills to spot optimization and graphical tweaks we can make to Omegatech that will improve player experience.





Women In Gaming International hosted an awesome after-party on the last day of the con, and we got to hang out with Sheri Graner Ray and some of the cool cats at Meretz Gaming!  There’s nothing better than talking shop with great people after a hard day of playtesting.




The team feasts on the finest of Austin cuisine.  Sometimes, you just have to treat yourself.


We had a great time at AGC, and we’re already looking forward to next year’s con.  A big thanks to Chris Sherman and everybody whose hard work made this con possible!


Is there a gaming con you’d like to see us at so you can get your hands on a playtest yourself?  Let us know!


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