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    Equipment in the world of OmegaTech offers a huge variety of options for how you play the game. Outfit your OmegaMech with choices from our armory of over 350 different items.
    Muzzler: 20mm rapid-fire Guns specifically created to tear up armored foes at close & medium ranges. Plasma Shields: Add both a proximity kinetic barrier and much greater close-up damage potential.
    Mortars: Rain indirect fire for medium and long range targets. It’s Always a party favorite. Utility Items: Give greater customization to the favorite weapons like doubling ammo capacity, doubling shield strength, more armor, noise reduction, etc.
    Sabot Cannon: Reach out and touch someone with high damage high accuracy armor piercing shells. Incinerators: Hit multiple baddies at once with a short-ranged dramatic pyrotechnic display.
    Chainguns: When one shot just isn’t enough. Spray a stream of bullets for a highly effective short range destruction. Blaster Carbine: Always a great fall-back burst fire weapon, great for medium ranged combat.



    Weapons alone aren’t even half of the options. Armors, Shields, unique Utility items, and even play-style mods in the form of special mech heads can radically change the way you play the game.


    Are you a “gun’s blazing” type of player? Then go ahead and equip up to 7 weapons at once, 2 on each arm, one in the chest, and one on each shoulder mount.


    Or maybe you’re the defensive type? How about dual-wielding shields on each arm, with huge shoulder plating and one singular rocket launcher in the chest?


    Build your mech the way you want it and lay waste to your enemies in style. Oh, did we forget to mention paint jobs? Yeah, we weren’t kidding about the “in style” part.


    Still not convinced? Maybe our weapons manufacturers can make the sale themselves. Head on over to the Assembly Line and pursue the goods for yourself.