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  • Why play a game built for millions, when you can play a game… built for you!


    Imagine a game that learned from you as you played it. “Smart-gaming” comes fresh to mobile, where your experiences become part of Omegatech’s truly player-driven gameplay. As you blast enemy mechs with an arsenal of different weapons, the world reacts to your tactics, and the enemies adapt and get smarter. Rewards will be tailored to your style, and every level you play will remember your favorite tactics.


    Omegatech is an iOS (iPhone and iPad) top-down action adventure game. Players operate a 9-meter-tall, battle-ready pillar of destruction known as an Omegamech, through a warzone filled with enemy mecha. The action is packed with exciting opportunities.


    As you progress through the world, salvage parts to customize and improve your mecha, explore the vast Megacity, or clash with human opponents in casual PvP.


    Unleash mega-assaults! – Let the fur fly with a massive variety of weapons that will leave your enemies quaking in their boots.


    Become mega-sneaky! – Think your way through adrenaline-pumping timing puzzles and hair raising cat-and-mouse combat tactics.


    Apply some mega-thrashings! – Get up close and personal, smashing your way through enemy lines with dual melee action.


    Detonate mega-combos! – Discover the true potential of combat opportunism with items, techniques, and secret ways to kick some tail.


    Stay tuned for announcements about our upcoming Beta, scheduled for December 2016!