Friday Dialogue Freshener



A great dialogue day. Joel and I focused on forging and polishing dialog for levels 1 & 2. We’ve been tightening story arcs and looking to keep the action moving. We also took the time to fine-tune the existing dialogue again.


Together we invented a plot path choice supported by the gameplay, which should give players even more freedom to choose how they approach each challenge. The player gets to decide which gate to open, which approach to take, and how Aspen will respond to the world around her. Players focusing on getting through the level with the best time have their work cut out for them with a concentrated gunfight ahead, but there’s also a stealth path for players who are looking for maximum exploration and upgrades.


As we work ever closer toward launch, we’re falling more and more in love with the story every day, and the whole team is getting excited to show off some of the awesome characters you’ll be meeting.  A great game needs a great story, and we’ve been working hard to make sure Omegatech’s story is as awesome as its gameplay.


If you need your lore fix right now, check out the Universe section, where you can get a powerful, in-depth profile of the world of Bawk!

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