Yes, it’s time for everybody’s favorite feature–things that go boom.




Such a majestic sight.


One of the things we’ve been working on with Omegatech’s combat is making sure that it feels as awesome as possible, and that means plenty of action, plenty of quick-thinking strategy, and a nice big satisfying explosion at the end.  Ryan and Joel, our effects and weapon gurus, have been hard at work on that front, developing new weapons, new animations, and nifty new status effects for you to inflict on your helpless foes.


Plenty of the guns you’ll pick up throughout Omegatech have nifty side effects, like caustic damage that eats through enemy armor and shock damage that demolishes shields.  Here’s a test run on the Frozen status effect animation, which leaves your enemies immobilized and vulnerable to shattering:




I’ve personally taken to calling this test dummy Pilot Fred.  You’ll be seeing a lot of Pilot Fred from here.  He’s about to have a really rough day.


But let’s see that last effect in action, shall we?  Here’s Pilot Fred, and his buddy Pilot Deb.  They’ll be showing off what happens when mechs get hit with one of our latest creations, the Frost Missile.




Fancy piloting on our Luz’s part, too!  In-game, you’ll be able to use that dash move to escape from attackers, evade a blast radius, or get in close to your opponents to finish them off.  Even if you’re armed with the most powerful weapons in the game, a good pilot will have to be able to maneuver on the battlefield to survive.


How about a closeup on that Frost Missile, Deb?






The undisputed King of the Testing Range right now, though, is Joel’s baby, the insurmountable Instagib.



Not only does the Instagib stun any opponents caught within the blast radius, its primary target will explode in a spectacular fashion when it goes down.  Have a nice trip, Fred!


Of course, mechs aren’t the only things that get the exploding treatment.  No spoilers, but here’s a teaser shot from one of the later story missions:




I wouldn’t recommend sticking around in there for long!

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