Christian Game Dev’s Con





We had a fantastic show at the Christian Game Developer’s Conference–lots of new friends and several other folks who have been invited to help participate in making the game become reality.  An awesome amount of talent at the show got to take a look at all our hard work!


We’re closing in on the last feature before we call it alpha!  That’s right! We’re almost at alpha with PvP / dynamic level generation being the last big dog to tame.  It’ll be everyone dog-piling on that all-important feature while cleaning up and balancing the rest of our adventure.


Amongst the awesomeness:


  • Closing in on solidification of the monetization and upgrade systems.
  • Story placement.
  • Powerup and Item manufacturing.
  • Super solid buffs.
  • Deep deep deep optimizations.


The Omegadecks card game was also a terrific hit at the conference as well, and we’re looking forward to getting that project up and running once the game itself is complete.


Recent Team Wins:


  • iPad optimizations and smoother playability
  • Conversion to Unity 5
  • Art complete levels
  • Marketing plan content complete
  • Audio recording pipeline solidified for audio blogs





  • High quality attention that turns heads, stronger item creation pipeline.
  • The marketing plan presentation is nearly finished.





  • Refractor of Melee needed.
  • More frequent updates and testing for iOS / Android needed.





  • Many new folks want to support the completion of the game in time donations.





  • Time is never on our side.



Keep an eye out for job openings–we’ll be looking to beef up our team even further pretty soon!  If you’ve got Unity, programming, art, web design, or community management experience, shoot us a resume, and we’ll definitely take a look.


See you on the front lines, Pilots!

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