Bunkering Down




It’s a beautiful rainy day out here in Austin!  Hope everybody’s staying dry out there, but don’t forget to brave the elements and vote if you’re eligible.


While the outside world is finally starting to look like fall, we thought we’d take a moment to show off some of the nice cozy bunker installments you’ll be able to build in your Omegatech Garrison.  Artist extraordinaire Kyle P. has been cranking out these beautiful buildings nonstop, and every day we get more and more excited for the beta’s launch so you guys can try ’em out.


Let’s start with this guy, your new best friend:




Scrapyards like this one will collect raw materials and valuable currency while you’re busy exploding enemy mechs.  Build a couple of these and you’ll be rakin’ in the salvage in no time.  Just make sure you collect your earnings after each mission–they can only hold so much loot at once.


Keeping big piles of valuable salvage lying around in your base will make it a pretty tempting target, of course!  Don’t forget to build up your defenses, too.




Once all that Scrapyard salvage starts pouring in, you’ll want to expand, and if you want to expand, you’ll need a way to keep all your bases in contact.  That’s where the Communications Tower comes in, helping to spread your buffs and bonuses around to each connected area of your Garrison.  Handy!




Just look at all that lovely open space, waiting to be filled with awesome.  That’s a screenshot from an in-development build of the Garrison’s workspace, where you’ll be able to customize your base layouts and maximize each area’s productivity.


Even better, every building we’re developing can be upgraded for even better bonuses:




(Naturally, they look cooler at higher levels, too.)




You’ll even be able to add support structures to each one, like auto-fire turrets, dedicated guards, or research labs that make them even more productive.




That’s a work-in-progress shot on one of our favorite support structures, the Artillery Emplacement.  Because really, who doesn’t love heavy artillery?


And of course, that’s not all we’ve got waiting behind the scenes.  If you build a Spawn Factory or two, powerful mech units will patrol the area, fighting back against anything that tries to invade your territory.  Other structures will add offense and defense capabilities of their own, improve your in-game mech’s stats, or even give you the chance to get your hands on rare and unique equipment pieces.  It’ll be up to you to decide what to build first!

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