**5 2 0 3 0 1 omegatech systems: full status
////uploading new satellite data.............
aspen is engaged and ready for combat
[ LOGIN ] to initiate launch sequence


Victims of a extra-terrestrial bio-phage, the Brambleclaw people were exiled several millennia ago. Since then, they have been waging war against the galaxy, invading planet after planet, and slaughtering whole entire species. Now a different sort of target has fallen into their line of sight…

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    Good day Pilots! It’s been a while since we’ve had a full update, hasn’t it? There’s been some big news here at Mega World Studios. New art, new weapons, new levels! We’ve added a few new members of the team, be on the lookout for some great things from them in the future. Time to […]

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  • Omegatech Trailer

    Working on a trailer has its excitement and also take a long time to prepare. The end result makes us smile and we hope you’ll enjoy it too.   Choosing the music makes a transition from an epic introduction to a oriental rapid paced adventure. At first we went with one solid theme across the […]

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  • OmegaDecks: Pilots

    Introducing OmegaDecks: Pilots, a card game based directly off of the OmegaTech universe. From the very beginning we wanted OmegaTech to feel like a card game in real time. Both the video game and the card game have come together to capture the feeling of actually building a deck from cards and playing out.   […]

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