• Brambleclaw will be victorious
    Lona gets her way
    As it turns out, sometimes even simple answers create complicated problems. Lona’s problems with Mace could easily be sorted out if only he would simply die. Therein lay the problem. She couldn’t outright ...
  • First night out, the supply vehicles were ambushed...
    Captain Arawn Stiller
    It began on the march between Megacity and Garvercity, we were part of a relief force sent to resupply ...
  • Dev Blog: Kyle
    Respawning in Omegatech: One of the biggest unsung heroes of a game is the ability to save and restart a level from various stages. While the player is playing, this is the ...
  • Dev Blog: Larry
    A Deeper Experience
    The Omegatech game experience is built up from multiple components. In addition to game play and the fun of shooting enemies, there is an Expertise system that learns how you play, in ...
  • Dev Blog: Kyle
    Intro Team Omegatech
    Megaworld Studios LLC team is built first around the core human need of giving and creative expression. Its’ a safe environment to see your veteran-guided vision meet fruition. New ideas are ...
  • Dev Blog: Larry
    The MVC Platform
    I have been programing computers for a lot of years, starting long before personal computers appeared on the scene. Actually even before Colleges had Computer Science classes. So why do I think Computer ...
  • Dev Blog: Joel
    Art and Story
    When it comes to art… think vertical. What’s it like in a city made by cat people? More imagination might be needed than you think. Get the that information itch scratched ...






Play Co-op with your friends. Battle new enemies every day. Go crazy, go nuts! More talking, more accessories, more paint jobs, and of course – more missions.

  • Talk about a rad feature.

  • Describe the weapons you want.

  • Power your unforgettable Mech.

  • Get your art in the game.

larryapple: Fix play bug
JonK-: The new credits menu
pixelknight1: Gameplay on Level2 and sound asset fixes.
JonK-: Added an additional pop up for the quickbuy
larryapple: Create not quite as smart beginner discards
pixelknight1: Level two portal optimization and mesh combine fix
pixelknight1: Level 1 fixes to help iOS