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  • Sunday Reticle Iteration Oct 2, 2016

          Last week, Megaworld Studios hit the Austin Game Conference, which was an incredible experience across the board! ...

  • Plans and Procedures Sep 17, 2016

            The flare of imagination needs to be constantly reeled in to keep the scope in check...

  • Dev Update 9-13-2016 Sep 13, 2016

          The loot systems we were working on last time are getting pretty robust now, and we’re starting...

  • Tuesday Looting Specs Sep 1, 2016

            Over the past couple days we’ve generated several system docs to cover some needed loot distribution...


Victims of a extra-terrestrial bio-phage, the Brambleclaw people were exiled several millennia ago. Since then, they have been waging war against the galaxy, invading planet after planet, and slaughtering whole entire species. Now a different sort of target has fallen into their line of sight…


        Yes, it’s time for everybody’s favorite feature–things that go boom.     Such a majestic sight.   One of the things we’ve been working on with Omegatech’s combat is making sure that it feels as awesome as possible, and that means plenty of action, plenty of quick-thinking strategy, and a nice big satisfying […]

  • Bunkering Down

          It’s a beautiful rainy day out here in Austin!  Hope everybody’s staying dry out there, but don’t forget to brave the elements and vote if you’re eligible.   While the outside world is finally starting to look like fall, we thought we’d take a moment to show off some of the nice […]

  • Good Times at AGC

            What a great few weeks!  We’ve finally gotten through all of the incredible feedback we got on Omegatech at the Austin Game Conference in September, and the game has really been kicked up a notch with some fresh tweaks to gameplay systems.  VR environments are getting some TLC as well, as […]

  • Things that go ‘boom’

          WEAPONS! Everyone likes blowing things into smoking piles of scrap, right? The biggest question is how to do it.   Well, take a look at this! That’s over thirty new equippable weapons for your Luz! Everything from flamethrowers (they do, indeed, werf flammen) to high-speed machine guns (AKA ‘bullet hoses’) to a […]