**5 2 0 3 0 1 omegatech systems: full status
////uploading new satellite data.............
aspen is engaged and ready for combat
[ LOGIN ] to initiate launch sequence


Victims of a extra-terrestrial bio-phage, the Brambleclaw people were exiled several millennia ago. Since then, they have been waging war against the galaxy, invading planet after planet, and slaughtering whole entire species. Now a different sort of target has fallen into their line of sight…

  • Omegatech Trailer

    Working on a trailer has its excitement and also take a long time to prepare. The end result makes us smile and we hope you’ll enjoy it too.   Choosing the music makes a transition from an epic introduction to a oriental rapid paced adventure. At first we went with one solid theme across the […]

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  • OmegaDecks: Pilots

    Introducing OmegaDecks: Pilots, a card game based directly off of the OmegaTech universe. From the very beginning we wanted OmegaTech to feel like a card game in real time. Both the video game and the card game have come together to capture the feeling of actually building a deck from cards and playing out.   […]

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  • AI Improvements Solidified

    We’ve gone back to redo even more Artificial Intelligence solidification. Instead of implementing new weapons or features, we’ve chosen to make the enemy behavior rock solid. Although funny as an out-take, the AI is much more fun to stop in their tracks when they’re actively trying to end the game.   New Unity testing tools […]

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